Plastic drains


The drain is the integral element of a roof which main task – collecting and a conclusion of rainfall. There are most different materials of production of designs, but recently plastic drains began to gain popularity. And we will tell why.

Main advantages of system of plastic drains

For a start it should be noted high reliability of products from plastic. This factor is one of the most important as even at the minimum cost of all system its installation and repair can be quite difficult. If to judge by this criterion, then drains from galvanized steel are not so attractive any more, and plastic, on the contrary, has all necessary qualities. For example, service life of such products reaches on average 20-25 years, at the same time during the entire period of operation all parts of a design keep the characteristics at the minimum service.

The second important advantage – climatic stability. If to speak about metal, then it, being under the influence of water and air, eventually begins to become covered by a rust – steel products are protected from emergence of red spots by a thin layer of a special covering. In the presence of cracks and scratches the covering loses the protective properties, and all drain becomes covered by a rust from within. Plastic drains do not demand any protection and do not lose the properties even in the wide temperature range (from –40 °C to +50 °C).

Also important feature of modern plastic pipes for a drain is resistance to ultra-violet radiation which negatively affects the majority of synthetic materials. One more plus it is possible to call that plastic has low adhesive properties, and therefore ice in such drain will not accumulate. Plastic drains can also have various appearance. The matter is very urgent as they – an important element of finishing of the building also can not only decorate a facade, but also spoil it.

Plastic products open before designers the amplest opportunities as it is possible to choose easily not only color, but also a form of products.

The fourth and rather important advantage of plastic system of a drain from roofs that they have exclusively small weight – to compare them to metal systems even there is no sense. Besides, the small weight of products considerably facilitates their installation. So that competently to collect and install system it is not necessary to have specialized knowledge and the equipment – the nonspecialist will even cope with work, and it will not affect service life of pipes in any way.

Whether plastic products have shortcomings?

Plastic drains have not only visible advantages, but also shortcomings about which it is also necessary to remember at the material choice. It is possible to carry the following to the main minuses:

  • Plastic pipes are considered though strong, but not the most reliable to sustain, for example, a descent of a big cap of snow from a roof. Thus, the low level of resistance to strong mechanical damages excludes use of plastic drains on roofs of buildings where the probability of strong frosting and a descent of a large amount of snow is high.
  • Despite simplicity of installation the device of system assumes serious calculations as this material is sensitive to strong differences of temperatures. If you are going to establish plastic drains in the region where they are often observed, it is necessary to consider all indicators and properties of this material.
  • Also they demand use of special broad elements: funnels, connections with corners, compensators and limiters.


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