Already throughout a long time in the markets of Belarus enjoy wide popularity a metal drain of a ruukka that is not casual. The drain differs in a smooth covering which is reached thanks to polymer.

Exactly thanks to a smooth covering the owner of the house gets rid of a headache because of existence of various garbage on a roof. Thanks to a smooth surface he does not crowd. Thanks to such property of the ruukki system do not demand frequent intervention and cleaning of a roof.

These water waste systems perfectly will be suitable for installation in new houses, and also at restoration of a roof. They are perfectly combined with a roof of any material. It can be:

  • Bitumen;
  • Metal;
  • Natural tile.

Such compatibility does the water waste Ruukki system universal. The water waste Ruukki system not only qualitatively removes all water from a roof, but also gives a type of design completeness to all roof.

Also the drain allows to protect qualitatively a facade and a blind area of all base from destruction by moisture. Among advantages of these drains It should be noted such advantages as:

  • The term of guarantee service is 15 years;
  • Time of full service of a drain not less than 50 years;
  • Resistance to fading and mechanical damages;
  • Wide choice of models and flowers;
  • Quite simple assembly;

Buying this production from us, you receive not only the favorable prices, but also a possibility of inexpensive delivery of production to the place specified by you.

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