Metal drains


Metal drains

Beauty of the house directly depends on the level of protection of the base and a blind area. It is no secret that they suffer more from the destroying power of water during heavy rains. To prevent their destruction and to keep beauty of all house, it is necessary to install system of drains.

In Minsk, and also in the territory of RB metal drains have quite great popularity. They perfectly cope with the task and do not allow moisture to destroy the base of the house.

Metal drains – their types

In the past drains from a tin which were established practically in each house, but which had absolutely small term of use and durability had great popularity. As it is quite soft material, tin drains sustained damage at considerable loadings of water and were deformed.

Galvanized drains from metal which have a polymeric covering have great popularity today. Such systems of drains have not only the high level of durability, but also service life. It makes not less than 20 years now.

Besides such drains have a beautiful design appearance in comparison with the predecessors. Drains for a roof metal have considerable amount of advantages among which it is possible to note:

  • High level of durability;
  • Beautiful color scale;
  • Fine compatibility with any kind of a roof;
  • Simplicity of installation;
  • Resistance to differences of temperatures from - 20C to + 40C.

A large number of producers is presented at the market. You will find quite wide choice of metal drains at us at quite reasonable prices. We offer high level of service and an opportunity of delivery of material to the place which will be specified by you upon purchase.

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