Importance of thermal insulation of the house is obvious, through the applied construction materials the building leaves the most part of valuable heat. Also sound insulation is of the same great importance. Thanks to such protection you can feel at home is cozy and protected.

The heater of Ursa has special structure thanks to which has high heat-insulating qualities. It is available in our firm where you also can buy it at reasonable price. Many residents of Minsk seized the opportunity to cheap buy this qualitative material.

The heater of ursa represents shtapelny fiber glass. Among its characteristics it is possible to call the following:

  • Small weight;
  • The high heat-insulating properties;
  • Reliable sound insulation and vapor barrier;
  • Possibility of application on cattle roofs, partitions, external walls.

In modern construction material of an urs is applied very widely. It is possible to solve numerous problems as there is a lot of the fields of its application with its help.

Material quite densely adjoins to a surface thanks to the flexibility and compressibility. With its application between plates there will be no gaps. To transport a heater very easily as it just contracts in packing. Therefore delivery of material will be simple and timely.

Also it is easy for Ursa to mount. At the same time there is practically no waste. One person can make all work without problems.

Fiber glass is safe for ecology and health. It is confirmed by necessary certificates, according to the European norms. Besides this material does not burn that provides fire safety.

Use of heat-insulating material guarantees safety of heat indoors in cold season and a cool in the summer. Thus, in the house it will be all the year round cozy.




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