The PAROC Group company and the heat-insulating material released by it are world-famous. This material is intended for thermal insulation of a roof and walls. It as well is available to residents of Minsk. Our firm for reasonable price offers paroc - high-quality mineral wool.

Basalt substance is the cornerstone of materials of floggings. The received breed melts, make fiber of it. This material possesses high heat-insulating rates. Besides he is firm to mechanical loadings and has fireproof properties. This qualitative material conforms to very high requirements.

Paroc product range constantly is updated and replenished. There are more and more optimal variants of materials for vapor barrier. It is possible to buy this material from us on the website as we are interested in sale of high-quality production. It is available as well delivery of goods across the territory of RB.

According to researches, especially panel houses are subject to considerable loss of heat. Means, need of good thermal insulation is very big. In this regard the best option is a system of the ventilated facade, that is existence of an air gap in system. It especially will be suitable for the area with severe climate.

Having cheap bought from us mineral basalt wool, you will promote protection of your house against adverse weather conditions.



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