Heat and sound insulation


That it was possible to call housing comfortable, new repair and beautiful furniture can be insufficiently. For example, it is very important to provide to premises good heating and a noise isolation. If not to consider these moments, any, even very beautiful situation, can not bring so much joy.

Importance of thermal insulation of the room

In a standard multystoried structure of loss of heat can make up to 40% during the cold period. Materials which are used at construction do not keep heat in a due measure. It leads to cooling of the apartment or house irrespective of, the system of heating is thought how well over.

In the summer the building, on the contrary, can overheat, without allowing even to the cooling devices to work normally. The large role is played in this regard by thermal insulation of a roof and walls.

Sound insulation

Noise can be mechanical and the caused air fluctuations. Anyway, whether it be sounds of steps, music or voices if they get into your apartment, it can give an inconvenience. Both identical materials will be necessary for the roof thermal insulation device, and for providing sound insulation of walls. They can be:

  • Inorganic;
  • Organic;
  • Combined.

At the choice of material it should be taken into account physical laws, but not just to listen to someone's councils. For example, it is known that sounds are absorbed better by friable materials, than dense. A specific place is held here by fibrous materials, for example, fiber glass or mineral wool.

So, it is clear that for protection of your house against loss of heat and for good sound insulation, it is necessary to buy the corresponding materials. Our company which is in Minsk offers their wide choice for reasonable prices. Delivery in time, the help in calculation of the necessary quantity – all this will be provided to you.


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