Why it is favorable to you to address in the HOUSE

  1. 1. At us you can choose suitable option from a wide number of the presented roofing materials.
  2. 2. You should not spend time for expectation: the most popular roofing materials are presented in a warehouse in enough. Loading and unloading of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time.
  3. 3. You can buy all necessary materials for a roof in one place at once. In wide assortment are presented, both roofing systems, and dormer-windows, systems of ventilation and a drain, heat-insulating materials, Paro - and waterproofing films and many other things.
  4. 4. At us the flexible system of discounts works. Can buy goods at a discount both individuals, and the construction crews which became participants of the special price program. Details can be specified at the manager.
  5. 5. You can get advice in the choice of a roof directly on the site.
  6. 6. You do not want to resolve issues on delivery? We will organize delivery to the address specified by you within RB.

The HAUS company works to save to you time and money. We love the clients and we meet requirements of them, suggesting to buy in one place all necessary roofing materials quickly and cheap.

We provide you full information on the existing roofing materials, and you buy what most of all corresponds to your idea of quality and comfort.

The 1teplo-forum.ru company is not only availability of roofing materials or rendering of services, and the reliable partner ready always to come to the rescue.



+375 (4454) 555-51-55
+375 (4454) 555-51-51

Email: 1houseminks@gmail.com



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Minsk. Minsk market P-55 Pavilion.


+375 (4454) 555-51-55
+375 (4454) 555-51-51