Garret ladders.

Our firm offers a wide choice of garret ladders at reasonable prices. Being in Minsk, we offer delivery of the acquired goods across Belarus absolutely cheap. You can buy the pleasant garret ladder, having looked at samples and our catalog.

It is known that the folding garret ladder is an important element of architecture of the private house. As the attic serves not just as a warehouse in a modern structure, and the ladder to it has to have the corresponding appearance and meet some requirements.

Stationary designs are not always very convenient and practical. Much more acceptable option folding ladder seems. It has several advantages among which:

  • Compactness;
  • Usability;
  • Functionality;
  • Small cost.

We have different sizes of ladders so you will be able to pick up the option suitable you. These designs in folded form will not take a lot of place. If on the put ladder there is a locking device, it will prevent hit on an attic of thieves.

These devices are manufactured of various materials. It can be metal, a tree and others. If necessary, ladders can be regulated on height of steps.



The FAKRO company is the Polish producer specializing in dormer-windows, garret ladders and materials which accompany them. All production of the company differs in high European quality and service which demonstrates attention to needs of buyers.

Features of ladders of Fakro

It should be noted that the company makes quite wide number of ladders. The ladder garret fakro has a number of advantages which allowed it to have popularity in the market of Belarus.

Ladders факро are special:

  • the functionality;
  • compactness;
  • interesting design;
  • simple installation.

The company lets out the production in calculation even on very exacting buyers. Step-ladders of fakro are convenient also that they practically do not take the place in the territory of all living space as they develop. The ladder represents the block which is freely stored in folded form on a ceiling.



The main material for a ladder is the pine. In order that the ladder could be removed without problems, the special core is upward established. Protects the lock which is built in the hatch from malefactors who, perhaps, will make the way on your attic.

It is possible to buy at the reasonable price of a ladder of Fakro from us. At the same time we can also offer you inexpensive service of delivery of goods.

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Minsk. Minsk market P-55 Pavilion.

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+375 (4454) 555-51-51