Weather vanes.

Weather vane call the device which allows to define the direction of wind. The device exists many centuries, and the name is translated as "the wind blade". This device is wide it is extended to territories of Belarus not only in houses, but also in many meteorological centers.

Direct purpose of a weather vane

It is worth noticing that weather vanes are divided into categories how they are used. Meteorological weather vanes are used in the direct purposes. It is quite precision instrument which allows to receive very exact indications.

Such accuracy is reached thanks to the high level of balancing which is put even during production. Generally such products are made in the course of forging.

The weather vane on a roof is established only in the decorative purposes to a large extent. It gives to the building special and a little ancient look that now is very much appreciated. As a rule, its indications are not so exact as meteorological weather vane. The error can be quite big therefore as a weather criterion it is not used.

On the rooftop establish also a weather vane with the propeller which purpose:

  • To give evidences about wind force;
  • To frighten off all birds from the rooftop.

At low prices it is possible to get a necessary design of a weather vane from us. If necessary, we can organize delivery of goods.



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