Terrace board.

The terrace board represents a floor covering which is applied at improvement of garden paths, and also terraces near the house and so on. The terrace board has one more name which is borrowed from English – a deking. Advantage of this floor covering is that it is very steady against various atmospheric phenomena, including plentiful rainfall and differences of temperatures.

That these properties of a covering remained, quite great demands are placed on the used material. The floor covering at the same time becomes steady against process of rotting and keeps surprising durability throughout the long period.

Kinds of a terrace board

The modern market of construction materials offers the buyer two look:

  • polymeric terrace board;
  • natural tree.

Each of the specified materials has the advantages. Those who love all natural it is worth paying attention to products from a tree, at the same time considering that the tree demands careful leaving.

If you do not wish to pay too much attention to leaving or you just on it have no time, then you perfectly will suit a polymeric terrace board. The terrace board of a dBK has the high level of resistance to defeat from various insects and sufficient durability.

Wooden terrace board

Such board is made of various breeds of a tree which are rather wearproof and strong. The terrace board from a larch has the greatest popularity. It is used also:

  • cedar;
  • oak;
  • to merba;
  • Yip;
  • I sekvoit.

Surface of the most terrace board, as a rule, corrugated or smooth. Thanks to a corrugated covering bigger coupling with a board covering is reached. It is especially important in cases when a board wet after a rain, and also when walking barefoot. Then there is a massage a foot.

Seams when laying boards quite big therefore there is no need for use of spiked connection.

It is possible to buy kinds of a terrace board from us. The prices of this covering are quite available to residents of Belarus. We offer also inexpensive delivery of material.


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