Metal tile of Monterrey (Monterrey)


One of the most popular among the roofing Ruukki models thanks to the esthetic characteristics - Monterrey® metal tile with covering options from Polyester, Purex or Pural® Matt.

Guarantee for technical characteristics from 30 to 50 years.

The metal tile of Monterrey (Monterrey) is quite popular among buyers of roofing material. Such demand is explained by quite interesting design and high level of reliability of a covering of a roof which corresponds for application in climatic conditions of Belarus.

This roofing material perfectly will be suitable for judges of old traditions as in a form it quite precisely imitates a natural tile. Its use allows to present your house as an expensive mansion.

Monterrey quite successfully combines a natural landscape, and also architecture and planning of the house. The tile differs in not too big height of a wave thanks to what its relief is not evident that allows to fit into style of the house very harmoniously. In turn It should be noted that the increased durability level in many respects and is explained by the small height of a wave thanks to what the mass of snow is more exactly distributed on all perimeter.

Producers of this tile offer quite wide choice of color scale. Because of it there are no special problems with preservation of color design of the house and underlining of the general tone. Upon purchase of this roofing material from us, you will also be able to order service of delivery of a tile to the specified place.

It should be noted that durability of the tile Monterrey is caused by application as initial material of steel, and also a special covering from Polyester, Purex, PuralMatt.

Color scale of a metal tile Monterrey


  • the general height of a profile - 39 mm
  • modular step - 350 mm
  • width full (worker) - 1185 (1100) mm
  • min-max length - 450-8000 mm
  • material thickness - 0,5 mm
  • weight - 4,7 kg / кв.м
  • the minimum bias - 14 ° (1:4)
  • covering - Polyester, Purex, Pural, Pural matt


  1. Fad level straight line (2000mm)
  2. Fad level semicircular (2100mm)
  3. Face level (2000mm)
  4. Eaves level 130 * (2000mm)
  5. Snegoderzhatel triangular (2000mm)
  6. Endova (2000mm)
  7. Endova decorative (2000mm)


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