Metal tile of Finnera (Finner)


Thanks to innovative technology of a bend of the sheet edge and a reliable polymeric covering of Purex the modular metal tile of Finnera is steady against weather. A guarantee for technical properties of a metal tile Finnera - 40 years.

The metal tile of Finnera (Finner) differs in a practicality and reliability. These qualities are very much appreciated in Belarus. Therefore in Minsk you can buy this type of a roofing covering for reasonable price with delivery.

Innovation at production of this metal tile is the bend of edges of sheets. It gives to material additional resistance to atmospheric conditions. And the format of sheets is convenient for installation of a roof. All waste at installation is minimized whatever difficult was the roof configuration.

The polymeric covering of Purex used in Finnera metal tile was developed especially for steel sheets of a roof. Material has a 40-year technical warranty, including 15 years of a guarantee for appearance.

The opaque surface of a roof looks unostentatiously and attractively. The polymeric covering differs in wear resistance and will serve very long. Thanks to the to color and a form the metal tile looks as natural. It is suitable for a covering of buildings of any design.

Color scale of a metal tile of Finner



  • the general height of a profile - 52 mm
  • modular step - 330 mm
  • width full (worker) - 1190 (1140) mm
  • length for Finnera full (worker) - 705 (660) mm
  • длинадля Finnera Plus min-max - 705-8000 mm
  • material thickness - 0,5 mm
  • weight - 5 kg / кв.м
  • the minimum bias - 14 ° (1:4)
  • covering - Purex


  1. Face level (2000mm)
  2. Eaves level 130 * (2000mm)
  3. Snegoderzhatel triangular (2000mm)
  4. Endova (2000mm)
  5. Endova decorative (2000mm)
  6. Fad level straight line (2000mm)
  7. Fad level semicircular (2100mm)


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