Metal tile of Decorrey (Dekorrey)


Decorrey® metal tile - a reliable roof for reasonable price, with a stylish low profile and a polymeric covering of Polyester.

The Decorrey profile of a metal tile Ruukki is an economic option for those who prefer fine Finnish quality. The made practical changes became the reason of reduced price of roofing material, however quality did not suffer from it in any way.

The cost of material could be reduced thanks to production of a low wave of a profile. It makes 28 mm. The step of an obreshetka makes 400 mm.

It is possible to buy a metal tile of Decorrey (Dekorrey) in our firm in Minsk. It is suitable for a covering of roofs of country houses, cottages, improving complexes. In Belarus you can see many examples of the buildings covered with this metal tile.

It is distinguished by attractive design and durability. Behind it special leaving is not required, and in installation it is very simple. The tile Dekorrey is combined with any style and even creates own special design.

The steel sheet which is the cornerstone of roofing material is covered with polyester that prevents metal corrosion. Safety of an esthetic type of material is guaranteed for 10 years. And the total warranty period of service of a tile makes 30 years.

Such roof quite presentably and solidly looks. Therefore across all territory of RB the elite, but inexpensive roof is available to people. 

Color scale of a metal tile Dekorrey

Characteristics of a metal tile

  • the general height of a profile - 28 mm
  • modular step - 400 mm
  • width full (worker) - 1190 (1130) mm
  • min-max length - 900-6000 mm
  • material thickness - 0,5 mm
  • weight - 4,5 kg / кв.м
  • the minimum bias - 14 ° (1:4)
  • covering - Polyester



  1. 1. Snegoderzhatel triangular (2000mm)
  2. 2. Eaves level 130 * (2000mm)
  3. 3. Face level (2000mm)
  4. 4. Fad level semicircular (2100mm)
  5. 5. Fad level straight line (2000mm)
  6. 6. Endova (2000mm)
  7. 7. Endova decorative (2000mm)

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