Metal tile of Adamante (Adamant)


The expressive metal tile in the Mediterranean style, is issued with a stylish and resistant covering of Pural® Matt. 

Guarantee for technical properties of a metal tile the Adamant - 50 years.

The new original form of a roof of the Adamante profile is a fine choice for a covering of your house in Minsk and other cities of Belarus. It is possible to buy a novelty from Ruukki from us on the website at the price which, for certain, will please you. Delivery of the acquired material will also be inexpensive where you lived in RB.

The metal tile of Adamante (Adamant) combines excellent quality and elevated style of a roofing covering. It is the excellent choice for those who love identity, beauty and a practicality. New colors which appeared in assortment, will emphasize originality of your house and will distinguish it from people around.

It is easy to mount such roof. It does not need special leaving. Such roofing covering long and reliably will serve. It was developed on the highest quality standards. This product will be estimated, for certain, by those who have refined taste and appreciates a material practicality.

Color scale of a metal tile Adamant



  • the general height of a profile - 55 mm
  • modular step - 350 mm
  • width full (worker) - 1153 (1125) mm
  • min-max length - 850-8200 mm
  • material thickness - 0,5 mm
  • weight - 4,8 kg / кв.м
  • the minimum bias - 14 ° (1:4)
  • covering - Pural matt



  1. 1. Fad level straight line (2000mm)
  2. 2. Fad level semicircular (2100mm)
  3. 3. Face level (2000mm)
  4. 4. Eaves level 130 * (2000mm)
  5. 5. Snegoderzhatel triangular (2000mm)
  6. 6. Endova (2000mm)
  7. 7. Endova decorative (2000mm)


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