Kvinta metal tile


The original drawing of a profile of a metal tile Kvinta will transfer you to Europe with its small, beautiful, cozy lodges. Thanks to existence of a flute on a crest this type of a metal tile favourably differs from analogs in the increased durability and elegant appearance. Undoubted plus of a metal tile of Kvinta is the increased dimensional and useful width that does it to more economic.

Technical characteristics

Width is the general 1180 mm
Width is useful 1100 mm
Wave height 23 mm
Step step 350 mm
Step height 21 mm
Minimum length of a product 0,5 m
Maximum length of a product 6,5 m

Where we are:



Minsk. Minsk market P-55 Pavilion.


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+375 (4454) 555-51-51