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Ruukki - the excellent choice

The roofing covering of Ruukki is used on all types of roofs, irrespective of a configuration and complexity. The qualitative materials which are the cornerstone of a tile will keep your roof intact for many years. Besides it will differ in attractive appearance.

In profile sheets of a metal tile of Ruukki high-quality steel is used. And, make it only at the Rautaruukki plants. It provides quality of metal. The special polymeric covering provides durability of the final product and a possibility of its use in any climatic conditions.

In Belarus at different times year the difference of temperatures therefore the roofing covering has to correspond to local conditions can be observed. Maintaining atmospheric actions, it has to keep at the same time and esthetic properties. Perfectly Ruukki's metal tile meets these requirements.

The protective polymeric covering of a metal tile at stretching and compression does not burst that is very important for prevention of corrosion of metal. Ruukki coverings very much wearproof. During creation of materials the scheme of the protection consisting of several levels was developed. Long service life of steel sheets is provided to these.

Covering options

  • Polyair – the class covering the house-keeper which perfectly proved both for internal surfaces, and for the external, not demanding special conditions. Thickness of a polyester covering is not less than 20 microns.
  • Opaque polyair, thanks to unusual texture, gives to a facade and a roof a certain raid of nobility. Besides, opaque polyair is steady against influence of ultraviolet rays and mechanical damages, has deep saturated color. Thickness of an opaque polyester covering is not less than 35 microns.
  • Pural – perhaps, the most perfect covering for profiles of a premium roof. Thanks to the density, purat it is steady against influence of aggressive chemicals and ultra-violet radiation. Thickness of a covering purat not less than 50 microns.
  • Opaque purat – the metal tile covering developed by specialists of the Ruukki company on the basis of polyurethane. Has all advantages of coverings from polyurethane and has no gloss. Thickness of a covering of an opaque pural guarantees not less than 50 microns up to 50 years of service of a metal tile.

Well creators as well thought over geometry of products. As sheets are mounted with an overlap, the drawing of tiles of a tile has to coincide. The high-quality equipment used by production provides equal cutting of sheets of a metal tile. As a result the drawing of a roof turns out equal and harmonious.

Polymeric covering of a product цветоустойчиво. In the sun it does not grow dull and does not change a shade. Decades the roof of your house will keep the color chosen by you.

How to order?

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Calculation and delivery

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