Budmat metal tile

Budmat metal tile for the first time was issued in 1996. Producers of this metal tile Poland is, and it is positioned as quite qualitative roofing covering which perfectly is suitable also for climatic conditions of Belarus.

Material has reputation of a covering to which are not terrible time, and also aggressive influence of the atmospheric environment. Today the given material is widely used by both individual builders, and public organizations.

It is also worth noting that the modular metal tile from the Polish producer has many awards which remind of recognition not only in the territory of RB once again, but also in other countries. Particular advantage of this roofing at us is not only the price of this product, but also services of delivery to the place specified by the client.

Material is presented by an original form which has six tops and five lower waves. Also producers provided special registration of corners which allows to make laying without discomfort and not joining of the material. He lays down ideally and densely adjoins to other leaf of a metal tile.

It is also worth mentioning that the roofing metal tile is developed in such a way that its laying happens most simply and without special complications and does not cause any difficulties in roofers. The forward edge of a leaf is designed so that to provide full air circulation and office of water condensate.

It affects in turn and the material use duration which significantly increases thanks to considerable reduction of level of corrosion and a congestion of snow on a roof.


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