Gerard Milano tile

Those who at least once visited Italy could not but remember the attractive Milan roofs made of a natural ceramic tile. You will be able to create small Italy at home, using a roofing covering a composite tile of GerardMilano.

In Minsk to buy this type of a metal tile it became much more available. On our website you will be able to find the options which were pleasant to you. Many residents of Belarus already made such choice. Thanks to it their houses not only look originally, but also are reliably protected from adverse natural factors.

The Gerard Milano profile, for example, serves as good protection to a roof from impact of a rain and snow. Also strong wind is not terrible to this covering. The special castle device ideally connects a profile so it keeps very strong.

One more advantage of this metal tile is that its sheets quite easy that simplifies installation process. If to compare to a natural clay roof, then Gerard Milano is less on weight seven times.

For creation of this profile steel 0,45 mm thick was used. Steel sheets on both sides are covered with special alloy – an alyumotsinok. Alloy reliably prevents metal corrosion development.

Wear resistance is added by the put stone crumb which use distinguishes a composite tile from usual. Besides the crushed minerals create the remarkable characteristics peculiar only to this type of a roofing covering.

There are different options of flowers of a composite tile Milano. It is a little of them, but by sight the ready roof will be very similar to the real ceramic.

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