Composite tile of Gerard Shingle


The composite tile of GerardShingle differs from the competitors in existence of a covering from a natural stone crumb. Such decision does a composite tile quite attractive. Besides such covering gives to a tile a certain margin of safety and reliability.

Such roof is reliably protected from various mechanical damages exactly thanks to a stone crumb. The tile of GerardShingle has also noise-protective properties which are felt during a pouring rain. The covering from a stone crumb creates serious obstacles for an avalanche from a roof that is very indicative for Belarus where snow winter - quite normal phenomenon.

Thanks to a layer of acrylic glaze of a granule of a stone very strongly keep on a surface and are not erased over time. Producers declare the 50-year term of operation of a roof thanks to technology of a tile GerardShingle. Such characteristics do this material quite attractive to purchase. If you live in Minsk or in the territory of RB, you can freely приобрестиэтот roofing material at us. You can also issue without problems at us delivery.

It is also worth noting that stone granules which are used here are unique also the fact that they practically do not burn out in the sun and do not lose the initial beauty. Producers established quite favorable size of a leaf in 1250х370 mm thanks to what when laying waste practically does not appear. Use of this tile on difficult designs of a roof is especially favorable.

It is worth referring quite big resistance to snow and ice to advantages of this material. Also this roofing design without problems maintains a hail up to 30 mm in size. At hit of a hail with a diameter of 90 mm there can be some damages, but they will not affect a superficial covering. Besides the tile of GerardShingle has noise-reducing properties that is extremely important during bad weather.

Thanks to the fact that by production of this tile sheets at first are stamped then on them it is applied decorative and a sheeting, emergence of microcracks is excluded.

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