Composite tile of Gerard Diamant


Gerard Diamant is an optimum ratio of magnificence and force. The wavy Diamant profile executed in classical style perfectly fits into any architectural style. Gerard Diamant tile, thanks to 10% to increase in the effective area of a leaf, allows to save on time of installation and amount of the required material. 

DIAMANT represents one more profile of a metal tile GERARD. Except a peculiar design, it has one more feature. Sheets of this composite tile have a little increased size. It saves time at installation and does material to more economic.

Many residents of Belarus seized the opportunity to buy this roofing covering, the price of it is quite available. In Minsk our firm where you also will be able to order a tile with delivery to your construction object is located.

The composite tile of Gerard Diamant is very steady against such natural phenomena as snow, a rain and a hail. Thanks to special fastening sheets reliably keep on a roof so to them strong wind gusts are not terrible. It can be especially urgent in the RB that areas where windy weather prevails.

The rough covering of a metal tile successfully detains snow, without allowing it to slip down. And even the most heavy rain will not damage a covering. The stone crumb is reliably fixed by acrylic primer and a varnish and will not lag behind under the influence of bad weather.

Will not damage to your roof and a hailstorm. Even the biggest hailstones will not punch a roof, and can only leave dents. The roof is rather strong so it maintains loadings, including a thick snow layer. But, at the same time, it easy therefore will not fall off in case of ignition of the building.

The composite tile of Diamant does not ignite. Its metal basis and a mineral covering interferes with spread of fire. It is an important factor for preservation of your safety.

Besides this roofing material creates excellent sound insulation. The structure of a surface, and also a way of connection of sheets considerably reduces noise distribution. At us you can not only choose the roofing covering suitable you, but also cheap issue delivery.

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