Composite tile of Gerard Corona Shake


Arriving to the New World, settlers from Europe brought with themselves and the traditions including in the sphere of construction. At that time for production of a roof in the English, Dutch, German or French style used natural wood (most often a cedar). The roofing tile or "cuts" were received by splitting of a cedar the axe. The wooden roof from "cedar cuts" found new life thanks to emergence of the roofing sheets Gerard Shake (Gerrard Sheyk). The roof of Gerard Shake is a combination of appeal of a tree to high wear resistance and ease of installation.

The composite tile of Gerard Shake has very attractive appearance and is similar in the appearance to a shingle which represents roofing material of very ancient origin. Such tile is freely perceived by residents of Belarus as the shingle was quite often used as roofing material.

Modern technologies promoted fast replacement of a shingle with more modern materials, nevertheless, its look very much attracts. The house with such covering gives old times. A tile of Gerard Shake it will be quite interesting to look against the background of other modern houses of Minsk and area.

The price of this roofing covering is quite acceptable. It is possible to buy it from us, also we will be able to issue for you delivery thanks to what you will not need to worry about it excessively.

Such covering for a roof has somewhat a "fragmentary" look thanks to what it perfectly will be suitable for houses which are revetted in popular style of a chalet and for the most part of roofs of other styles.

A steel sheet is covered with an alyumotsinok which is not afraid of atmospheric influence at all. He perfectly transfers a frost and a heat and is not afraid at all of excess of moisture and therefore perfectly will be suitable for all region of RB.

It should be noted also features of a profile. It has absolutely small height and is perfectly inserted into the lock that provides reliable protection of premises against a plentiful rain and thawed snow.


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