Juta (Utah)

The waterproofing and vapor barrier are necessary and very important conditions for normal functioning of a roof. Whatever qualitative were roofing materials if not to protect a roof from influence of excessive moisture and its accumulation, it can harmful affect its heat-insulating properties.
Therefore it is just necessary to buy the corresponding materials. Especially as we offer them at the small price. Our firm is in Minsk and carries out delivery of goods on all territories of RB.

We offer you JUTA film. It will provide reliable protection against excessive moisture and condensate. Application of a film Utah will ensure to the building safety of heat-insulating properties, so, and comfortable accommodation.

The main tasks which are carried out by juta film is the following:

  1. 1. Prevention of hit in a moisture heater from the outside. It is important as excessive moisture has an adverse effect on the heat-insulating properties of a roof.
  2. 2. Prevention of accumulation of condensate in heat-insulating material.

Gidro-and the paroizolyatsionny covering promotes a steam-out outside.

Ventilation which is provided thanks to this protective film prolongs service life of a roofing covering. The roof does not heat up so strongly from within, and the moisture arriving outside will be removed evenly and quickly from a roof, but not to get inside.

So, cheap you will be able to provide to the building protection against undesirable influences.




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+375 (4454) 555-51-51