Corotop represents a membrane for a roof waterproofing. This film is used for arrangement of cattle roofs. It is possible to buy it on our website. Our firm sells and delivers qualitative waterproofing material in Minsk and other cities of Belarus.

It should be noted that corotop has high vapor permeability and water tightness. It allows to provide good protection to a roof from the moisture influence both arriving outside, and rising from within the building.

The special diffusive membrane коротоп can be mounted at any temperature and weather conditions. It has small weight and provides excellent vapor barrier. Even at minus marks of the thermometer this film does not lose the properties. It actively resists humidity, thereby protecting from it a roof. Perfectly is suitable for cattle roofs.

The stabilizing additives which are present at this film allow it to have the big resilience to action of ultra-violet radiation. This material enough quality while its price is very attractive.

For convenience of application on the membrane are represented the drawing which help at its installation. Quality of a product is confirmed by the original label.

Applying Corotop film, you will be able to prolong building attic service life. And viability of a wooden design considerably will improve. At the same time the dry microclimate will be provided to a roof that will affect also to "weather" in the house.

Overlaps of these membranes need to be connected at installation the special tapes intended for compound of roofing waterproofing materials. Also for контреек the condensing tape is applied.

Besides this membrane can be used as vetroizolyatsionny material in the course of construction. For this purpose it is only necessary to calculate its quantity correctly.




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