Hydra and vapor barrier

The roof covering the corresponding material is not the all work necessary for its protection. The roof will be influenced by various factors which can lead to its faulty functioning and even damage. Therefore, having got a roofing covering, it would be wise then to buy the special materials providing vapor barrier and a waterproofing of a roof.

In Minsk their choice is rather broad. Our firm cheap offers these quality protective materials.

The main task gidro-and paroizolyatsionny materials consists in maintenance of a necessary operating mode the thermal insulation roof which is a floor. These materials perform two main functions:

  1. 1. Do not allow moisture to get into heat-insulating material;
  2. 2. Provide a moisture exit outside, without allowing it to collect.

The waterproofing of a roof is of great importance. Waterproofing film materials are applied at coverings of a cattle roof by a non-uniform layer, for example, at all kinds of a tile, slate, in metal roofs. These films prevent hit of snow and rain water inside, under a roofing covering.

The device of vapor barrier of a roof not to exchange is important. Paroizolyatsionny films are applied at the device of both cattle, and flat roofs, irrespective of a type of a covering. They protect a heat-insulation layer from hit of steam which is formed indoors as a result of activity and rises up, to a roof.

Caring for such full complete set, you will be able reliably to protect a roof and, actually, all building. The price of such materials in our firm is available. We will prompt to you as it is correct to make calculation of quantity of a film, and we will organize its delivery to any settlement of Belarus.



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