Flexible tile of Shinglas.

In Belarus people appreciate a practicality, reliability and safety. Shinglas tile differs in these qualities. This soft roof draws attention thanks to a combination of fine technical characteristics and beautiful appearance.

The manufacturing techniques of a flexible tile шинглас are developed in such a way that all possible temperature loadings, and also wind and rain were considered. It is very important for zone RB where not a rarity severe climate.

The flexible tile of Shinglas is made of the reinforcing steklokholstovy basis and the bituminous weight applied on it. From above material is covered with basalt granulate. It has coarse-grained structure and is resistant to mechanical damages.

Such soft roof is made of raw materials which are environmentally friendly and safe for the person. It does not evaporate harmful substances and does not pollute the environment. So, one may say, that, having decided to buy shinglas, you will get a convenient and practical roof which, besides, awaking to serve very long.

Such roof will not be afraid of any weather. It reliably is fixed and all service life keeps natural color. The choice of flowers is quite broad here, and everyone will be able to find that to it most to taste. As the proof to that serve many houses of Minsk.

Plasticity of a covering does possible its laying on any forms of a surface. It allows to equip a roof of any configuration, even with the most difficult.

Also noise-attenuating properties of a flexible bituminous tile are important. Besides it does not burn that serves as protection against the fire.

The price of a roofing covering not such high, as at some analogs. Besides we offer delivery of a roofing covering directly to your house. We will be able and to prompt as it is possible to calculate amount of material.


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