Flexible tile of Iko

IKO is the producer recognized around the world and the supplier of bituminous products. If to take Europe and Canada, then here IKO is the leading producer of a soft roof (or a bituminous tile).

The IKO company was created in the middle of the 20th century in Canada and began as family business. The company headquarters still is in Canada. IKO came to Europe in 1972, having constructed the first plant in the Belgian city of Ham. Now IKO is the leader in production of bituminous materials in Europe.

IKO is 55 types of a soft roof; the marking of "SE" which is put down on all tiles and bituminous products; platinum guarantee of 10 years for all main collections; long-term technical and marketing support of large projects on production of a bituminous roof.

Such roofing material as a flexible tile of iko is used worldwide and produced on 2 continents. Not an exception and Belarus. Many houses in Minsk and other cities are covered with this material.

At us you can for reasonable price, cheap, to buy a flexible tile. Delivery is carried out across all territory of RB.

Fiberglass is the cornerstone of material. It also gives to a roofing covering durability and, at the same time, flexibility. On fiberglass it is applied APP-modifitsirovanny bitumen. It serves as excellent protection against moisture. Such roof does not proceed and does not grow damp. The flexible prileganiye of sheets provides protection against a rain. And the basalt crumb which covered a flexible tile from the top party protects from sunlight.

Basalt happens different flowers therefore also color schemes can be a little. Except esthetic properties this granulate possesses also protective. It protects flexible material from mechanical damages, and also natural influences.

This type of a covering not only is reliable, but also is safe. Bitumen when heating does not allocate harmful evaporations. Besides it is not flammable thanks to big density. So under such roof you will be able safely to feel.


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