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Ventilating tape for Corovent skates - The ridge ventilating tape is important for ventilation of slopes. It prevents hit of moisture and dust under a roofing covering. We suggest you to buy cheap the film Corovent E and to provide protection of a roof against undesirable influences.

The ventilating tape for a roof differs in such features:

  • It is made of aluminum and qualitative RR of fabric;
  • Has at the edges a butilny layer which provides a dense prileganiye and tight fastening of a tape;
  • Has water tightness and vapor-permeable properties.
  • It is steady against action of ultraviolet rays.

The special device of a ventilating tape do convenient its installation, and also provides convenient water drainage from a roof. Is suitable for any type of a covering. Material maintains the wide range of temperatures – from 30 °C of a frost to 70 °C of heat that is especially important for the territory of Belarus.

Good ventilation is provided to a roof at use of this material. And strips are durable and wearproof.

In Minsk many acquired the ridge film Corovent E and were not disappointed. Delivery of the material acquired by you will be submitted in time, and isolation on a roof will serve long.



Tape of an adjunction Coromin® Alu - The tape of an adjunction is applied to sealing of the joints which are formed between roofing materials, for example, a professional flooring and a metal tile, and pipes or walls.

This type of sealant for creation of a water-proof layer is used. The tape densely adjoins to a surface and provides protection against water hit.

The tape of an adjunction Coromin® Alu is the chimney tape having a self-adhesive basis. It is made of the pro-thinned-out aluminum. Its direct mission – processing of flues, and also bay windows and dormer-windows. Therefore if you want to protect these designs from moisture penetration, we suggest you to buy this protective material.


  • The tape has the following features:
  • Butyl covering;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Excellent sealing qualities;
  • Resistance to impact of rainfall
  • Firmness at UF-radiation;
  • Frost resistance.

These characteristics were estimated in Belarus by already many builders. Our company suggests also you to buy this material at the low price. We also provide calculation of the necessary quantity and delivery. Seize the opportunity to reliably protect your housing from dampness, paying attention even to fine details.



Sealant universal for a roof - the metal tile In itself represents reliable protection for a roof. Its sheets adjoin to each other rather densely. However accidental elements, such as an endova or the fad, have a straight line, unlike a metal tile, a profile. On their joint the crack to which at strong wind snow or drops of a rain can get is formed. Means, these places need protection.

Application of a sealant

So, the universal sealant for a roof is surely necessary here. It is established in such places as:

  • Fad;
  • Endova;
  • Wind level;
  • Wall level.

To avoid hit of moisture under a roofing covering, it is obligatory to use a self-adhesive roofing sealant. The waterproofing of a roof will not be able to cope with a large amount of water. As a result the covering can strongly suffer, and with it both rafter designs, and a heater.

What represents a universal sealant

The universal sealant is the polyurethane foam material having a self-adhesive layer at the basis. This layer is covered with anti-adhesive paper that simplifies installation process. The sealant on the elements located horizontally or diagonalno is applied.

Sealing material in blocks on ten pieces is delivered. It is easy to transport and store it, and also to mount.

It is possible to buy this material on our website or in a warehouse in Minsk. Price of it rather attractive, and quality excellent. In Belarus already many seized the opportunity to so protect roofs of the houses. Especially as we offer inexpensive delivery of goods to any settlement of RB.

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